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Literary Artifacts

Literary Artifacts

Artifact one

The book that I have chosen is “A wrinkle in time”. The author has made the book very interesting in many ways. Firstly it is the title of the book which is a hook that grabbed my attention. The character which is said to be most like me is of Meg Murray. The similarity that she and I share are that she is homely, awkward and at the same time has a high level of empathy which eventually is exhibited in the love, care and support that she provides to her young brother throughout the story. I also think that in terms of faults I tend to share a lot with her in terms of being short tempered, impatient and at the same time there are certain times when my insecurity takes over eventually leading to lack of confidence.

One thing that I would change in the story is that it should have been based on worldly scenario that is how meg saves her father from a real life time situation since it is this factor that can teach a lot of individuals like me in terms of how should one handle oneself in such a crisis oriented time.

The story relates with me in terms of the kind of character based characteristics that Meg Murry and I share. In terms of being highly empathetic and loving but at the same time very short tempered. Having a high level of conformity regardless of how the other person treats. I personally do not like and appreciate ambiguity but this book teaches that it is natural for things to remain ambiguous. It also reaches how important it is to be patient. There have been times when it is because of these characteristics that I had suffered in terms of being highly impatient, short tempered along with conforming to other people regardless of who the other person treats me. I have suffered when it comes to situations in school times where I used to rebuke verbally when anything that was wrong that took place. But with I also understood how important it is to control oneself and be patient since everything cannot happen the way one wants it to be. It was my mother who taught me how one can handle a situation without having to lose control. The most favourite part of the story is the way Meg Murry overcomes her personality weaknesses and becomes a strong individual in the end and at the same time also ensuring that the ultimate goal of saving her brother and father is also achieved. The character that changed from beginning to end to a larger extent was Meg herself.

Bud, Not Buddy

The author has said to highlight a Childs life that is closer to reality. The author has highlighted the way foster children are treated up till today and there have been incidents whereby children from foster home runaway. They further get into wrong hands and are being exploited in ...
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