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Literature Review

Literature Review


There are numerous reasons due to which employees prefer to work for Aga Khan Foundation, a non-governmental and goodwill organization rather than a profit driven organization. The key reasons behind thus NGO are redistribution, cost effectiveness, and liberal doctrine. Redistribution focuses on the aspect regarding the share of wealth from the rich to the poor. The key in redistribution is the tax exemption on providing services for the lower-class. Several studies have indicated that the distribution of wealth to the lower class is actually highly beneficial. Foundation, grants, and donations all play their part in helping the community.

The culture of Aga Khan Foundation comprises of a dynamic set of values, ideas, habits and traditions that are shared by people within an organization and which regulate their performance. Formal and informal culture distinguishes its elements while internal and external factors influence its operations, also promoting culture change. The elements that are needed to encourage and counter in the search for a knowledge-oriented culture. Culture of Aga Khan Foundation not only includes values, attitudes and behaviours but also vision, strategies and actions which together function as dynamic system (Pettinger, 2013). Like every individual, every organization also has a personality that is its unique culture. The strong organizational culture also marks the success of a business which is defined as the set of all the principles and the practices observed in the organization, in the pursuit of organizational goals. A strong culture of an organization is based upon different factors including risk taking environment, team participation in the decision making process, smooth flow of upward and downward communication, and opportunities for continuous professional development.

It is difficult to search the ways to improve the quality of events and programs, since these firms resources are raised at the local level rather than the national level. In such organizations, the normal activity like resource allotment is based on performance which is not motivating for the employees of these firms. This sends a very negative impact on the workers which discourages them to do the social work. When an organization becomes aware of the fact that to succeed requires hands to work, must specify exactly what it needs. NGO's must determine whether its employees are needed and volunteers. It is thorough preparation of job descriptions that contain the requirements for the candidate's qualifications and his future duties. The creation of such a candidate profile will make a good choice in the recruitment process (Stavrou, 2010).

Any non-governmental organization focuses its efforts and activities around the implementation of social services to serve humans. A person involved in the activities of the third sector mainly motivates the possibility of action "for cause." They are aware that their work brings benefits to various groups that are struggling with major problems. Sometimes this is enough motivation. It is important, however, that the leaders of the profit driven organization try to motivate people in other ways. Volunteers at this NGO can motivate opportunity to gain experience ...
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