London History

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London History

London History


London is the most populous city of England and the UK. Standing on the River Thames the city has a diverse history and it is ruled by Romans and other monarchs. This essay comprises of two parts. In part 1, this essay aims to discuss the imaginary walk that starts from London Bridge and ends at Westminster in the era of 1550. That imaginary walk is repeated in 1750 and 1850 to evaluate the changes from the first walk. In part 2, questions regarding the change between 1700 and 1900 are answered in sequence.


Part 1

An Imaginary Walk

I imagine starting my walk from London Bridge in the era of 1550. I am standing near London Bridge which is wooden bridge and combines Tower Bridge. I can view the River Thames very clearly and I can see people going to their work. As I walk down the streets I can see children playing and running. I can feel a cold wind blowing from the River Thames. London Bridge is located in the centre of London. There is a beautiful view of ships in the River Thames. Some people are also using small boats to cross the River Thames. I can visualise an old church and some fathers are going inside the church. Apart from River, I can look at the old buildings as I walked down the street. I can see a site which is under construction. Labours are using the traditional methods of building of construction such as wheel barrows. I glanced up at the houses. Mud and clay is used in the construction of many houses. London became Europe's largest city in the era of 1550-1750. There were many Hall marks in London and the city was prominent because of its harbour. London is the most prominent city of England as it has a harbour, large population, concentrated culture; wealth is capital city of England.

I can visualise the same old houses moving from the Pool to St. Pauls. I can see Guys Hospital near London Bridge when I am moving towards Pool. This hospital seems to be the largest hospital of London. I am walking on the pavement which is parallel with 7 meters wide road and the boundary of the road is filled with trees. Wealthy people are using horses and camels for transportation. I believe that most of the people can not afford animals for transportation as they are not wealthy. Individuals are wearing long coats and hats and blazers to stay warmed as weather is too cold. Copperplate St Pauls exist in the St. Pauls Street and it is very big tower - the highest tower in England. I can hear the sounds of people shouting on each other for things. I can see small shops in the town selling daily use products and using barter system. In barter system, people exchange goods with each other. Milkman is delivering milk to the people in the town. At the end of the road, I can see ...
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