Love And Hope

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Love and Hope

Love and Hope

I. Introduction

In our society love is not always the main way to express or communicate, for is surely one of the most complicated and at the same time it can be the simplest way of interaction between two people. We can find love in situation that we can not think this could be possible. Hope is defined as looking forward to something with some reason for confidence respecting fulfillment, that which is the basis of fulfillment, and that for which one hopes. (David, 2002)

II. Discussion

Part One: Love

A) Theological Definition

Love is the most vital and beautiful emotion humans have the chance to experience. Love is what makes human different to animals in some way. Even though thought and rational behavior seems to be the main thing that separate human from the rest of the species, love is then what gives purpose to our lives. (Brady, 2012)

We could be in the middle of a war and we can find love in the eyes of someone who is protecting the ones that he or she cares. We can also find love in places in which the human conditions are not the best, were poverty and lack of hope for a better life is the daily routine. We might lose your faith in god, politicians, even people, but the only thing you can not lose, is your faith in love, because in that very moment we lose the only thing that keeps you hanging on through hard times we might carry on. Love for humans, love for the one is sitting next to us in the bus, love for those who did not have the chance to be loved. That is what makes us better person.

B) Biblical Foundation

The Bible says, “Into the old wineskins neither do men pour.The skin ...
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