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Magabri Optical

Magabri Optical


The study is related to Magabri Optical, who was facing difficulties in managing operations using patchwork of spreadsheets and non-integrated applications. As the company, is having problem, in conducting business according to the old methods. Therefore, it was important and necessary for the Magabri Optical to implement SAP ERP which is considered as the crucial need of the organizations in modern day business (Harwood, 2003, 65).


Evaluation of SAP ERP for Magabri Optical

The list of advantages for Magabri Optical to using a SAP ERP is fairly long but not exhaustive; in given below the evaluation of how the implementation of SAP ERP provided solutions to the existing information problems at Magabri Optical is discussed:

Manage processes and control the management of projects to maximize productivity and profitability of the organization.

Ensure strict stock management will reduce costs and increase competitiveness of the company.

More flexible inventory management to stick to the often fluctuating market demand.

Align the horizontal and vertical organization of your business to ensure a perfect coordination and collaboration at all levels of the structure often considered a key factor of success.

Automate the management of certain processes to relieve internal teams (Carol, 2004).

Improve the visibility of business processes across your entire system to ensure traceability of the flow of production and distribution and allow work to continuously improve the organization.

Ensure customer satisfaction through strict monitoring of the status of products, services and deliveries and more closer to customer requirements.

Calculate the cost of production and logistics with the tools of management control (Hamilton, 2004).

Monitor financial performance of the organization and adapt to ensure EFIN margins so instantaneous.

Overall management software SAP ERP provides assistance to the management domain is one of the key success factors of the company's business. The SAP ERP helps the daily development of the enterprise while providing key indicators of success for future growth. The business strategy is related to the organization, technology and strategic decisions of operations that include organization, technology, quality and location, talent management, etc. that support the business strategy. The key in developing the capabilities of the systems company information is to articulate the strategic role and management of if the company information and processes itself by defining an appropriate IT architecture and control structure to facilitate their development and exploitation (Thomas, 2001).

The challenge of achieving competitive advantage through SAP ERP systems for Magabri Optical is that they pose significant complexities which usually need several years to complete implementation, including integration with existing company information and processes, the realization of restructuring and adjustment Magabri Optical with the SAP ERP system to gain a competitive advantage.

For Magabri Optical, SAP ERP facilitated the integration and optimization of business processes through the application of Information Technology (IT) of the comapny. The implementation of SAP ERP systems, called "SAP ERP Initiative" in the present work is a long and complex project (Harwood, 2003).

The operational environment and Magabri Optical are different from those of large companies and this affects ...