Main Causes & Results Of Postwar Social Conflicts In Usa

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Main Causes & Results of Postwar Social Conflicts in USA

Main Causes & Results of Postwar Social Conflicts in USA


There was not a single cause of postwar social conflicts. USA is suffering from major different obstacles. There were some related to people directly and some indirectly. There were some serious threats that lead to the social conflicts of postwar in USA. Reasons based on political, socioeconomic and environmental factors. Everything related to the topic has discussed below in detail.



There were a lot of reasons for the post war conflicts such as political, social-cultural as well as economical. There are some prominent social contradictories that lead to the conflicts (Gomez,2007). Below are the reasons that lead to the social conflict in post war era:

Racism and nativism

Religion & Alcohol prohibition (Gomez,2007),

New culture of consumerism

Jazz music

Racism and Nativism

Racism means the different in the context of races among people. Some related to a community, and some related to another. There has been a difference created among individuals. These differences will leads to conflict. Nativism commonly known as the immigrants that are coming to USA from different nations. USA was not happy with such immigration, and this leads to the social conflicts. After the war, in post war era there were a lot of people who are suffering from some issues and want to have a secure place.

Religion & Alcohol prohibition

Religion was also an issue of postwar social conflicts. In USA, there were a lot of different people are present who have the different religions. Everyone has their own beliefs and values that will leads to their own strategies of living. Because of a lot of different religions, people start having conflicts(Beckman, n.d.). A lot of religion considered that the use of alcohol is good and essential for them, whereas some religions strictly prohibited this. These ...
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