Managing Information

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Managing Information: Technology and Systems

Managing Information: Technology and Systems


According to the common point of vision that diffusion of technology is rational, well planned and top down process, the adoption of groupware is comparatively a bulky process to perform. The history of the adoption of groupware exposes intense resistance when taken in terms of both organizational as well as group factors. As an example, the people who are responsible for decision making and introducing groupware in the culture of an organization means non cooperative work in against the goals of groupware.

In the absence of critical people, there are comparatively less advantages for collaborative potential users of the technology.


BMC Remedy Service Desk

BMC Remedy Service Desk is the state of the art and leading crisis management solution. In both configurations, standalone or in parts for the integration of BMC IT services Remedy Suite. This comes out to be as an economical solution which minimizes the number of incidents that occur in an organization along with the enhanced efficiency.

Key Features & Benefits

It helps in gaining more transparency in the IT infra structure of an organization.

Restoration of service at a quicker response with top practice of incident management which has the ability to manage and control entire procedure of incident resolution.

Has the ability to remove flaws from IT hierarchy by separating periodic incidents, and stable the environment with best practice problem solving system.

Has the ability to eradicate known errors and operates in a highly integrated information based environment.

Synchronize resources and actions to rectify incidents with the top impact of business.

Reduce call volumes and encourage user self-sufficiency by letting users search FAQs, known.

Groupware or collaborative software in bank is defined as customized software designed to give help to individuals involved in tasks that are based on mutual interest of an organization. A basic definition of collaborative software hierarchy is intentional process for a group along with software that helps the members in achieving the desired results of the process.

The intention behind the designing of such software is to change the method in which data and information are shared for collaboration of team in an effective manner. There are many definitions of collaboration with respect to information and technology. Some of them can be defended in a specific regard while other are too wide to be fit in a specific frame of context. It is important to understand the differences in behavior of different individuals in order to assure the deployment of relative and appropriate technologies to meet the requirements of interaction among the team members (Mark G. & et al, 2004).

The term “collaboration” refers to the work executed by an individual as a team player for the fulfillment of a common objective. The achievement in this regard is the primary goal of every team member working in a team for this specific project. Collaborative software provides ease and helps the team members in order to transform themselves them in to action oriented teams who can work as a single unit regardless of the ...
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