Change in Consumer Behaviour and the Role Technology has Played

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Marketing issues portfolio

Marketing issues portfolio

Portfolio - 1

In the first portfolio, the topic that is going to be emphasized is that how the consumer behaviour has changed with the passage of time and what role has technology played in bringing about this change. With the advent of the social media, some of the traditional avenues of the advertising and now they are more inclined towards the innovative mediums that are more focused and inclined towards technology. The social media has been one of the many medium that has been used in the recent times. In this article, the effect of social media on advertising is discussed.

Facebook ads influence consumer behaviour

The way marketing is carried out in the social media is having a huge impact on how the mainstream advertisement is carried out these days. The consumer purchases have certainly increased after the inception of the social media. Mentioning the names of the brands in the Facebook statuses and liking the business pages of these businesses is something that has increased the sales for sure (Goel et al., 2010, p.174861). This is an observation that has been shared by some of the leading brands such as Starbucks and Best Buy.

There are many reasons that customers are more inclined to buy a certain good or commodity if they have heard about it on the any social media. The reason for that is when people hear about a certain brand from their peers and friends and social circle, they are most probably going to be more inclined to consume that product and buy this brand. This is one of the basics of the consumer behaviour and the overall buying process. This is evident from the fact as research was conducted by the Facebook about the effectiveness of their advertisements, and 70% of the companies that they had positive ROI when they used social media for advertisements (McBride, 2012).

Theoretical information

The idea about studying the consumer behaviour stems from the fact that there are certain buying behaviours that are always showed by the customers. The customers are playing various roles such as user, buyer and payer. Even though the behaviours is somewhat difficult to predict, but still there are some varying patterns that are showed by the customer when one talks about the purchase of certain good and product. There are certain traints that might be observed at the societal, individual and group level that are important when analysis of the customer is done.


“Consumer behaviours are the study of the people and individuals and the processes and methods they go thought when they are making a buying decisions or sharing their ideas to satisfy their needs and wants. The decisions making process is understood in consumer behaviour and demographics are looked at.”

“The process by which a person search, select and ultimately purchase a product. There are elements of sociology, psychology and economics that are the part of the consumer behaviour (Harris & Dennis, 2011, ...