Maserati Ghibli Super Bowl

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Maserati Ghibli Super Bowl


Advertisement is a source of effective tool to earn attention of the intended target audience. All the advertisements ought to have certain group of audience under definite specifications. Most effective ads in the history have proved to be long lasting due to their correct identification of audience, their transmitted audience and follow-ups. The characters have to have deep relevance with the message that needs to be transmitted to the audience. The importance of advertising "is growing steadily in modern society". The people really react to the triggers framed in the ads. Advertisements have to be interactive in nature to be able to connect with the audience. The presence of relativity encourages the audience to be able to help themselves make buying decisions. This paper attempts to explore the 'Maserati Super Bowl Commercial' in terms of gaining understanding about the audience, creators and text or the message that has been placed in the centre. There are several tools that can be used in order to create a successful ad since the successful ad is the one that changes the mind of the audience. The effective advertisement helps in making the customers their mind to buy the product or services shown in the advertisement.


The Author-The Creator

Maserati Ghibili is an Italian manufacturer who is now intending to re-enter in American markets once again. They have most effectively selected the timings and place to break in their advertisement for the car. The audience is really huge in not only the stadium but there is audience who is watching the game on TV, listening it on radios and others, who are collecting information from their surrounding. They are re-introducing Ghibli for the third time as 'Ghibli III'. They have used technology is an impressive way as to leave a long lasting impression on their audience. The text and the voice both created an ambience of passion and revolution among the people, especially the ones present at the time of playing the advertisement in the middle of Super Bowl. The old saying in marketing, "share of mind leads to share of market," is still directionally true. It is extremely rare for a company to have a small share of mind (awareness) relative to its competition and a large market share. You should have at least a "best guess" understanding of how your company ranks in terms of awareness with your target market and the important segments within that market (Philip, pp. 132-135).

The Audience-The Target Audience

The major actors involved in shaping consumer behavior are consumers themselves, alongside states and businesses (together with advertisers and marketing consultants). The first actor, the consumer, is an individual who professes or exhibits a concern for the environment in his or her consumption activities. Although states, businesses, and other organizations are major consumers in their own right, scholarly research into consumer behavior normally focuses on individuals. According to DAM & Shubhankar (pp.1-100), relevant consumption decisions include the purchase of personal and household goods and services. How one ...