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Mathematical Investigation

Mathematical Investigation

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Cryptozoology is the study of animal species not generally recognised as existing in the real world, but which are not inherently implausible phenomena. Unlike many paranormal and pseudoscientific beliefs, the discovery of a Loch Ness Monster or a Yowie would not overturn any fundamental scientific principles. New species of animals are regularly being identified, and although these tend to be smaller animals, such as insects, there is recent evidence that a previously unidentified large ungulate may exist in Vietnam.

While the discovery of a Yowie is possible, though highly improbable, many of the characteristics attributed to it by believers are absurd. To anyone used to the mammals of Europe or North America, Australia is the land of unique, unfamiliar and exciting mammals: the marsupials and monotremes. Indeed there are many other unusual and interesting organisms in Australia, the result of a long period of isolation while the rest of the world was changed. Australia has also produced reports of beasts that, if true, would make it a land of even more unusual animals.

The most widely known and popular of these reported beasts is the yowie, once called the yahoo. The yowie, as most of us are aware, is supposedly a large, furry or hairy, ape-like creature reported largely from eastern New South Wales, with some reports from eastern Victoria, and recently, south eastern Queensland. Much, but certainly not all, modern information about yowies comes from Mr Rex Gilroy, who pictures yowies as giant (up to 3 metres tall) hominids related to the supposedly giant Gigantopithecus and Meganthropus of eastern Asia.

The modern yowie reports are usually interpreted in terms of the popular conceptions of the North American bigfoot or the Asian yeti. These older reports, however, do not indicate a creature as large or as human-like.

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