Mathemets Curriculum Evaluation

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Mathemets curriculum evaluation



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The Board of Education determines the curriculum and standards being taught at each grade level in each courses. Curriculum development is a comprehensive process which focuses on what will happen in the classroom. When making curriculum decisions, it is essential to get all stakeholders involved in the process. Researchers have evaluated the Eisenhower Professional Development Program. Eisenhower Professional Development Program's focus is to assist teachers' development of knowledge and skills in mathematics and science. Researchers also found significant differences among two groups regarding the duration of time of teachers that participated in district level activities and those that participated in university level activities. This section has presented the results of the quantitative data analysis and has presented the major findings of the research. This section has showed that the the perception of teachers make a significant impact on the development of positive attitudes amongst students and theb quality of maths questions in the secondary mathematics books does make a significant impact on the perception of inspectors. There was a significant impact of teachers on the development of student perception regarding mathemetics. There was a significant impact of quality of questions on the perception of inspectors, a storng and positive relationship amongst mathematics textbook questions and students academic performance, teaching skills and students academic performance, teaching skills and formulation good layout of questions, and students academic performance and formulation and good layout of questions.

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