Measuring Process Effectiveness Using Cpm/Pert

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Measuring Process Effectiveness Using CPM/Pert


Organizations have discovered that the customer satisfaction is an important element as it helps and facilitates the business activities in relation to high productivity and also the profits. This study is based on the operations research methods that particularly focus on the strategy pertaining to customer satisfaction. For that reason, the CPM and PERT methods were taken into the consideration in order to measure the effectiveness of process.

Problem description

The study emphasized on the effectiveness of process and how the effectiveness is measured. In this context, it is it is important to note that the effectiveness of process measure is very essential to a successful implementation of business process management in any firm. Besides it, the study also focuses on the effective measure in relation to application of the PERT and CPM methods.

Numerical Results

In practice, the most effective measure of process are CPM that is critical path method and PERT method that is (Program Evaluation and Review Technique), which are based on graph theory and the object optimizing a complex program that times the activities are measured by numbers determined . Therefore, activities are ordered by graph composition identifying critical activities, the most important of which exceeding the delay would lead to the fulfillment of the entire program and reserve time for other activities.

In addition to this, CPM is a technique used to identify the critical path of a project by determining the start and early finish and late start and finish of each existing activity, without considering any resource constraints. The different ways (paths) possible in the project network diagram to allow an activity that has a range of possible dates of beginning and end (dates earlier and later starts and finish). Through these dates, it is possible to determine the free float and total float of ...
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