Media Report Analysis And Reported Case Analysis

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Media report Analysis and Reported Case Analysis

Media report Analysis and Reported Case Analysis

Part A - Media Report Analysis (Lance Armstrong: What could be fallout from Oprah interview? By Frank Keogh)

In relation to the case presented of Lance Armstrong, sports professionals every day are seeking new methods and techniques to try to stay in the best shape possible and all overcome parameters. An externally to influence the physical performance of the athlete has been using banned substances by the rules of sports organizations. The latest controversy nowadays is the use of performance enhancing drugs in the field of sports.

Lance Armstrong, an American cyclist, considered one of the best ever, having won seven times Tour de France, a feat no other has achieved. He also became a legend for having overcome testicular cancer. Once recovered, and with the fame of having those record victories that consecrated him to worldwide fame, created the Lance Armstrong Foundation, to fight cancer, and wrote several books recounting his incredible story.

Doping is undoubtedly the dark side of sport, but unfortunately ubiquitous. More and more often we hear of scandals related to the use by athletes of banned doping agents. At present, the most sought after in the market of drugs is IGF-1 (insulin-like growth modifier) defined by the user as “pure gold” of steroids. Because it cannot be detected in the human body because it does not distinguish in any way from the growth hormone, which produce human glands. Therefore, it is simply a “safe” can be taken even a week before the start of the competition.

As related to the case of Lance Armstrong, these chemicals or as we know performance enhancing drugs, when ingested, cause an artificial increase athletic performance, but that somehow destabilize the body's physiological functions to the detriment of health.

Its use is opposed to the philosophy that gave rise to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894, promoting a host of ethical, moral, educational and humanistic inherent in sport to achieve development of the personality of the sportsmen and improving communication between people in order to safeguard peace (Olympic Charter). This philosophical view has been ignored by several Olympian, with the use of toxic substances placed in unequal competitive opportunities to athletes. For this reason, the IOC has asked its unionized support agencies to prevent the spread of this harmful practice that completely destroys human values that should prevail in all athletic contests.

It goes without saying that the most criticized sport since questioned and persecution of doping cases have been cycling. Doping destroys the sole purpose of practicing sport, because if one of the objectives of the sport is the development of athletes in freedom and dignity, by the use of doping the goal is blurred as it debases the athlete, he becomes an object, and the drug uses him, manipulate him and turn him into an instrument to achieve other purposes less altruistic. It can be deduced that the doping goes against the ideal of sport and athlete's dignity, values that fall ...
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