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Medical School Nursing

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Medical School Nursing


Nursing is most noun profession because it directly deals with saving life and improvement in health of people. The profession of Nursing is valuable because nurses all around the world does not only takes care of patients but also conduct research in order to determine the diseases currently existing and also analyze the medicines which would be effective for a patient, which cannot be achieved by a doctor. Similarly in this paper research is conducted on diseases that currently exist in The Greenwich, how many patients are involved. For this various questionnaire, interviews are conducted.


Greenwich Connecticut is the town of United States of America. The total population of Greenwich Connecticut is 61,171.Greenwhich was settled in 1640.The total area of Greenwich is about 66.2 sq.m out of which 47.8 sq.m is land while 19.4 sq.m is under water. The size of Green which is twice of Manhattan and it is bordered by the west and north by Network, in the east the city of Stamford is located and in the south Long Island is situated. Greenwich is unofficially divided into various sections. It was voted as being the richest neighborhood country of United States by business insiders in the year 2011. In Green which there is residence for both family and multifamily. The age of building is usually 40 -50 years afterward the building needs to be repaired. The price is generally 1200 dollars. There are many companies like lumber and other manufacturing material in order to manufacture the building. Green which is well maintained area. There are various summer camps for children while indoor games for adults. Common areas in Greenwich is usually is individually owned. The Greenwich town is served by the Metro North Railroad New Heaven Line which is 40 minutes drive to General Central Terminal al in Manhattan. Westchester Country Airport is commercial airport to Greenwich.

The national goals for 2020 are to eliminate the disability and premature death, and improve the health by achieving the health equity. There is need to create the physical and social environment. And to promote healthy behavior.

The goals and objectives that were added are sleep health, preparedness, older adults, sleep health, social determinants of health, lesbian, gay, (Costa,1992) bisexual and transgender health, early and mi9ddle childhood, adolescent (Morris,1997) health, blood pressure diseases, genomics, infectious diseases, global health, dementias like Alzheimer's disease.

Health indicators

1.Healthy behavior


3.Quality ...
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