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Research Papers on Medicine and Health

Medicine and heath is the field that encompasses various heath care practices in order to maintain and restore human health. Many individuals have adopted a career path in the medical health fields. They are often asked to submit research papers on this subject. In order to get help in preparing a research paper on medicine and health, people can get ideas from research papers available in this section.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography Dalsgaard, S. (2013). Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). European child & adolescent psychiatry, 22(1), 43-48. The author Dalsgaard in his study has suggested an inclusion of revision towards the diagnostic criteria in the form of DSM-5 for managing ADHD in an improved way. The implications bear immense seriousness and responsibility ...
Clinical Protocol
Clinical Protocol Clinical Protocol Development of the Protocol The area that has been selected for the development of a clinical protocol is growth hormone protocol. This is the second clinical protocol that is established by our specialized division. The division tends to address the utilization of recombinant human growth hormone therapy or ...
Immunology Introduction Hepatitis B virus is considered to be a major pathogen associated with the chronic and acute hepatitis as well as having an asymptomatic carrier state. It is believed to a great extent that pathogenicity is connected to the immune response that is generated against the viral antigens. I addition to ...
Effectiveness Of Smart Pumps
Effectiveness of Smart Pumps Effectiveness of Smart Pumps Background Since 1999 the Institute of Medicine developed a report regarding the human errors while providing health facilities to individuals. The report recommended that in order to improve the quality of health facilities and to prevent the errors it is important that a safer healthy ...
Children Obesity And Fast Food
Children Obesity and Fast Food Children Obesity and Fast Food Abstract Many leading health officials consider the current epidemic of childhood and adolescent obesity in the United States to be the greatest public health problem facing us today. Obesity is more than being just overweight; it refers to being excessively overweight. Individual's health is determined through ...
Risk Management
Risk Management Risk Management Introduction There is a need to conduct a risk analysis with the help of using causative factors. These factors will be considered by meeting the issues related to the event described in the upcoming paragraph. The rating of the risks will be carried and will have a total ...
Medical Records
Medical Records Medical Records Introduction It has been more than a decade since hospitals and health care systems are working on a promising path of health information technology (HIT), which focuses in providing a safer, effective, and less expensive care. There are several success stories; however, there are still many organizations finding ...
Sexual Dysfunction Later In Life For 11-18 Year Old Cancer Survivors
Sexual Dysfunction Later In Life for 11-18 Year Old Cancer Survivors Sexual Dysfunction Later In Life for 11-18 Year Old Cancer Survivors Introduction All cancer affects the lives of people who are affected and those around them. Sexuality is not immune to these changes. However, not all cancers affecting sexuality in males and females in ...
Leukemia In The Us
Leukemia in the US Leukemia in the US Introduction The human body consists millions of the living cells and the normal cells of the body develops, split into new cells, and expire in an arranged and methodical style. In the starting years of the life of humans, the normal cells split more ...
Human Development
Human Development Influence of Heredity and Environment on Development Picture two plants of the same species growing in two different environments. One seed is planted in a protected inland area with soft, rich soil and moderate water. Another grows on a rocky cliff near a sea with relentless winds. We can imagine ...
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