Midwives And Dental Hygienist Code Of Ethics

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Midwives and dental hygienist code of ethics

Midwives and dental hygienist code of ethics


This first code of ethics of dental hygienists was established by Ministerial Decree amending n.137/99.

Born after twenty years of presence of the profession of the dental hygienist in Italy and was inspired by the everyday experience of dental hygienists, their constant reflection on the ethical and professional conduct developed over time, codes of practice and the theories produced in our country and internationally, and their experiments.


The main purpose of this paper is to develop Midwives and dental hygienist code of ethics.

Basic Principles

The code consists of the principles and rules that dental hygienists must observe, and enforce the exercise of the profession, and guiding the choices of behavior in the various levels of responsibility in which they operate.

Compliance with the Code is binding for the exercise of the profession. Dental hygienists are committed to his knowledge, understanding and dissemination, as well as in helping one another for its use in various forms in which the code provides for the exercise of the profession.

This Code of Ethics was filed to the Ministry of Health and the Italian Ministry of University Dental Hygienists Association.

A dental hygienist who is informed of an inquiry or who has served with a complaint about his conduct or professional competence should not harass, intimidate or threaten the person who requested the holding of the inquiry or any other person involved in the events related to the inquiry or complaint. It should not harass, intimidate or threaten to exercise against person retaliation on the grounds that, it intends to request the holding of such an investigation or intends to file such a complaint.

Fundamental Beliefs

Following are the main beliefs of hygienic code of ethics:

A dental hygienist would not consider any misinformation regarding his competency level or the betterness of his service. He would also not pay attention to misinformation provided by any member of his profession. In order to do favor for the client, if required by the client, he would upon the latter's authorization, discuss the matter with his colleague and any other member professional, or will give the reference of some professional person to these clients.

A dental hygienist should not provide any opinions or he should not give any advice which is confusing or not complete. To avoid this, he should go through all the relevant material and should gain the complete knowledge before giving the advice.

A dental hygienist should pay proper attention and care of the property which belongs to him by a client, and he cannot make use of this property for any other purpose than those for which he was asked by the customer, to do.

Core Values

Following are some core values of the hygienic code of ethics:

A dental hygienist shall demonstrate in the exercise of his profession, an availability and diligence.

In addition to opinions and advice, a dental hygienist shall provide his client with explanations necessary for the understanding and appreciation of the ...
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