Military Orders

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Military Orders


The Crusades were one of the challenging times in the history of the world. The place of military orders that had their origin from that time is among the top ranked events. This research paper aims at analyzing the military orders specifically the first one famous with the name of “Knight Templars”. The famous literature related to the subject is also presented in the paper. In order to understand the research topic, an account of the rise and fall of the Templars, the ranking and organization of orders are an important element of the paper.

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The Templars2

Literature related to the Templars2

Rise and fall of the Knight Templars2

Ranks within the Order4

Organization of Orders4


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Military Orders


One of the darkest moments in the world history is the occurrence of Crusade wars. In these wars, the two prodigious faiths and cultures came and met on the battle field. It became popular with the name of “Kingdom of Heaven”. Western Catholicism made great efforts in the11th century to show reunity towards their counterpart colleagues in the Byzantine Empire who are famous with the name of Eastern Orthodox Church.

The great military orders were found at the time of crusades. In other words, the military orders had their origin from the crusade wars and from that point these orders recollect the common mark of every heroism order.


Among the military orders, the Knight Templars occupy the most prominent place in the Western Christian Military Orders and is recognized as the first and the most powerful military order. The Poor Knights of Christ and Temple of Solomon were created in the year 1118 by French knight Hugh de Payens and his 8 other partners. They execrated on oath that they will take every possible mean in protecting Christendom from the enemy power. They are now famous with the name of Templar Knights or simply the Templars.

The Templars

Catholic Church has given official endorsement to the Templar Order that led it to be recognized as a favorite charity throughout the Christendom. The membership and power grew at a very fast pace. Crusades comprises of a number of fighting units different in terms of power and appearance. The Templar Knights had characteristics of distinguishing white coverings with a red cross and occupy a rank of most skilled fighting unit in the Crusade wars.

Literature related to the Templars

The working of a number of researchers provide brief but yet very interesting account on the history of the Order. Among the Medievalists, the place of Malcolm Barber and Keith Bate is of worth mentioning. One of their writing with the name of “The Templars” provides a detail of all the stages and important aspects of the first Military Order. According to them, in 1129, the Latin Church Religious Order was formed in the shape of Knights of Temple of Solomon. The tenure of the order came to an end in 1312. The book emphasize on one of the most strengthen religious order popular with the ...
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