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Milwaukee Public School's Chapter 220


Milwaukee Public School' Chapter 220 discusses the Voluntary Student Transfer Program. In this program minority, (non-white) student are transferred to sub-urban school for education. The purpose of this chapter 220 is to reduce racism and encourage integration between minorities and majorities communities of America, and bring opportunities of low-income group in education. The general purpose of this study is to discuss the limitations and problems of Milwaukee public school's chapter 220, and why it is declining. The research paper describes the improvements for public policy and recommendation for the program. The study will examine the student's random transfer system that traps students and make dependence on sub-urban schools. The research includes the goal, process, policies, and challenges of Milwaukee Public School's Chapter 220.

I am appreciative of the constructive comments on a preliminary draft that I received from outside experts as well as the School Choice Demonstration Project Research Advisory Board and research team.

Table of Contents



The Future Goal2

Future Process3

Challenges Facing the Milwaukee Public Schools3

Future of Chapter 220 in Menace4

Changing Goals and Perspective5

Ethnicity of Students7

The Application Process7

Limitation of the Chapter 2208

Chapter 220 Impact on Public Education8

Lottery-Based Evaluation9

High Standard for all9

Random Selection (Chapter 220)10

Alternate Public Policy for Milwaukee Public School Chapter 22010

Policy Recommendations11

(a)General Administrative Policy11

(b) Siblings Preference Policy11

(c) The Verification11

(d) Twin Policy11

(e) Early Childhood Program12

(f) Non Discrimination12

Selection Criteria for Student Transfer and Choice Program12


Milwaukee Public School's Chapter 220


The Milwaukee Public School and a few other suburban districts contribute to a Voluntary Student Transfer Program. This student transfer program is referred as Chapter220. Chapter 220 generates opportunities for minority students from Milwaukee school to attend classes in sub-urban areas and students who do not belong to the minority group will attend school in Milwaukee. The program is made to decrease racial discrimination and give a chance to the rural group students to educate themselves in sub-urban schools. It is the racial integration designed model.

Understanding Chapter 220 is not difficult. It is the just another name for Voluntary Student Transfer Program. The agenda of the program is to integrate school by the majority and minority groups, and give a chance to minority students to study in sub- urban areas with non-minority students. It is that non-minority students will understand the other races through taking education in Milwaukee Public School. The school has 87,360 students and 6,100 teachers in 233 schools. In enrollment order, it is 33rd largest school in United States of America. Milwaukee established its community in the year1990. It adopted the school voucher program. The purpose of the program was to enable students to receive public funding at parochial and other private schools. It based on charitable program and no fees were charged. The ten years old Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, offers poor, low income parents with publicly funded vouchers to educate their children to sub-urban private schools.

There are some prerequisites to apply for sub-urban transfer that the student must be an African-American, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American. The other requirement includes the student living in the ...
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