Mobilization And Social Transformation In Latin America

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Mobilization and Social Transformation in Latin America


The experiences of social mobilization that spread across the continent in the mid and late 90's, represented a rediscovery of previously hidden or invisible identities, and called for society to be reconstructed after the subjugation neoliberal and strong challenges to its main partners (Plotkin 33). Following Plotkin (2003) the presence of collective subjects in public places means that they begin to do battle in an area reserved exclusively for traditional elites: the Congress and the executive, although there would be social movements that are in the public space without necessarily reach these instances. “The first win the street and the square to express their discontent and show their disagreement with the forms of governance that supports the status quo” (Plotkin 55). Then move to sites of government to try to make the necessary changes or autonomous modes and alternative practitioners within their communities.

This paper focuses on establishing the relationship between social movements and state in the XXI century, reviewing how such a link has been treated by the various perspectives that have been devoted to addressing collective action and movement social. To this end the paper reviews the tenets of some of the authors of the central theories, current autonomy and objections from Atilio Boron analyzes and Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau.

Social Movements and State in the XXI century Latin America

From the last years of the 90 consequences of neoliberalism became clearly visible. Emerging organizations, renewed forms of struggle, new methods of political, were constituted as the protagonists almost exclusive to the resistance. The growing process of social mobilization echoed the glut of unbridled capitalism and a political system that seemed to deny, ignore and make invisible demands of different social sectors. They were severely hit by the prevailing model and looking for new channels ...
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