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Art can work in several ways. It can be a way for the artist to express feelings he cannot do otherwise. The artist wants to make him understood, he wants other people to understand or identify with the things that the artist has created. 

Art also served for one who is not an artist. It could hardly feel certain emotions that   can generate another expression. So we can see how much the art manages to convey. You can get too far into someone's mind. What was once "just paint" becomes something really special. Therefore, doing this analysis of the relationship between art and psychology, thus, the best style to understand this relationship was Abstract Expressionism. The simple reason is it's a style that is created specifically for expression. No handling concrete forms simply be a "blur" to many, it can represent many things for others. I think this shows that style does not necessarily need to be good with pencil and be the best artist to express themselves through art. The mind is reacting to various stimuli to see the art, but the person is not realizing that. The colours, shapes, textures, and other aspects of picture inspire people. The question that always asked how something so small can cause such great effects?  Art solves problems, relax, and help the needy of affection and those who want to be understood.

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All the information gathered on Robert Bonfils helped to understand that he was a character who had deep passion for art and painting was his passion for life. It has been assumed that when an artist finds his own style, easily expressed achieved what to tell the world. At that time the artist has already created an identity and no longer feels lost in the world. It feels different, but in a good way's original and unique. The most original painting styles throughout history have become a great change for humanity and have revolutionized the definition of the word art. But the constant is that these styles have been only forms of expression that original men found to deliver their message and leave a legacy in the world. Through the analysis of abstract expressionism and work of Robert Bonfils, as he could paint an artistic expression that helped to overcome the horrors of society and become a source of feelings that even today are effective for many people who admire the works of Bonfils and other Abstract Expressionists in museums around the world (Owen, 2007, pp. 111-21).

The style is achieved by Bonfils product of technical mastery and a default finish and thus wanted to leave on the canvas mental concept. Therefore, if someone believes that this is scratch and splash haphazardly, do not be fooled, because for him the result was never casual or unexpected. Jackson left the brush and easel to change the whole paradigm of what was "a painter". For starters, instead of working facing the table, placed the canvases and paper on the floor and instead of sitting for painting, as often happens at the easel, used the movement of your entire body at ...
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