Slphealth Behavior: Research Findings And Recommendations

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Module 5 - SLP

Health Behavior: Research Findings and Recommendations

Module 5 - SLP

Health Behavior: Research Findings and Recommendations


Problem Statement

Overweight, obesity and unhealthy lifestyles represent a major challenge for public health. In particular, their distribution among children is worrying as predictors of future health conditions unfavorable, considering the current epidemiological situation characterized by the prevalence of chronic degenerative diseases (Laurson et al. 2014). Added to this is the fact that parents are not always aware of the problems related to the weight of their children. The income and the purchasing power of family influence eating behavior. On the other hand, lack of physical activities also increases obesity. There is a need to change the health behaviors regarding obesity in children and for this parents and teachers have to work together (Glanz e al. 2008).

Program Goals and Objectives

The goal of this program is to increase awareness in parents, teachers, and children regarding obesity and the critical health behaviors that either cause or trigger obesity (CDC, 2013). This will be done through integration of parents and schools at one platform and teach and counsel them. In the United States, Health behaviors are considered as a foremost cause of many health issues and mortality rate. In this manner, it is important to advance public health data over the dominance of such health behaviors, which are harmful for healthy life.

Strategies for Implementation

Measurement of Health behaviors

First of all, health behaviors of students will be measured through SMART objectives (Mokdad & Remington, 2010). These objectives will include: Specific = school going students develop SMART objectives; Measurable = 8o percent of the students will be able to develop the given physical activity objective; Achievable = yes, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics resources provided are achievable; Realistic = Yes, the students were observed form the state ...