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My Community

My Community

Purpose of paper

The study defines various aspects of community living in Idaho Avenue.

Name of Community

The name of community is Idaho Avenue community.

Its Boundaries

Idaho Avenue is located in Kenner city of US (Brodber, 1994). It is surrounded by 33rd street on the north, Georgia Avenue on the west, 30th street on the south, and Illinois avenue is on the east. The street has capacious roads and contains well-built houses on its sides (LeVert, 2005). The residential area is well-constructed and clean. Some large buildings are also there (Burnett, 1880).

Its Population and Racial Ethnic Make-Up

Its total population is 51096 , male population is 25328 and female population is 25769. The residents are mostly white. Total households are 18031, family households 11559, non-family households are 6472 and average people per household are 2.80. Married population is 15623 ( The median age of people is 37.4 years (Holl, 1995)


The people's per capita income is $48,567. Median income under 25 is $32,394. Median Income of people of age 25-34 is $42,222 (Leighninger, 2007) Sales Tax Rate is 7.0000 %. Average Total Household Expenditure is $41,865. Most people do jobs. Some have their own business (

An Identified Problem

The crimes are increasing in the community. Therefore, preventive strategies should be implemented to prevent crimes (Liebling, 2008).

Proposed Solution

The Goal of the Plan

The goal of the plan is to decrease the chances of crimes in community by implementing proper strategies.

Objectives of Reaching the Goal

Public education

Reporting suspicious activity

Environmental design

The Actions They Require

The above strategies can be implemented by proper planning by community authorities. These actions should be implemented at local level and the police, court and legal agencies, all should work in collaboration to prevent the crimes by increasing the public awareness, implementation of CCTV cameras, police training to catch the thieves. The city higher court should also enforce strict laws so that criminals may not think to commit a crime. The main cause of this is that the criminals have no fear that they would be caught if they would commit a crime as they known that the city's police are not that efficient to catch them. The court also gives only minor punishments for major crimes. Therefore, the proper analysis of the situation is essential for proper solutions.

Evaluation of Actions

Although, it it difficult to do complete evaluation of actions, whether they would be effective or not in the area. The crimes in the area are still at large and the community members are very much interested to eliminate the crimes from the community. Therefore, their participation is the major factor is the success of this plan. Their interest and participation can be evaluated to see the outcomes of the plan. There are many causes of prevalence of crimes and the police must work with community members's collaboration and with local service providers to eliminate crime. Social conditions such as homelessness, poverty, educational opportunities, youth programs drug abuse, economy status, employment opportunities for youth, are the factors that impact crime ...
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