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Life is beautiful! It is full of wonders and strange things. Every day in our life, we see a lot of things that urge our minds to think in a way for which we do not get any answer at first and remain indulged in thinking about that. Such phenomena can be defined as mystery. The main objective of this paper is to talk about mystery. The paper discusses mystery from the view point of two theories that talk about mystery from differing viewpoints.

About Mystery

Mystery can be defined as something very difficult to understand, something strange and inexplicable to understand or discover what is hidden or belong to some arcane.

Theories about Mystery

Many authors such as Carl Sagan have wondered why people seek and make mysteries. To this question several answers to fit necessary, perhaps, stronger theories: for, the historian Adolfo Dominguez Purse notes that the mystery and its resolution are an important part of the attraction off certain disciplines and sciences, particularly ancient history. In this same line, of thought is placed and for whom Sagan cited experience of discovering something not forget, although "the last person in the world to find out." Therefore, the existence of mysteries is necessary to obtain the pleasure of discovery (Miroslav, 2002). Journalists' skeptics as Luis Alfonso Gamez, Javier Cavanilles or Mauricio-Jose Schwarz, among others, claim that under many mysteries, mysteries or false, there is a profit motive for the marketing of books, magazines, input payments and other practices. This is the case the origin of the Shroud of Turin or Belmez Faces. This use of the false mystery or mystery for the sake of few, sometimes even for pure personal ego by appearing in the media, can also be negative for Science and Knowledge, as stated by Robert Chapman referring to archeology:

"One of ...
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