National Building Museum

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National Building Museum

National Building Museum


This research paper is based on National Building Museum which stands today as one of the great American buildings of the nineteenth century and one of Washington, D.C.'s. The National Building Museum is a museum in downtown Washington, DC, United States to examine the architecture, design , engineering , construction and urban planning. The exhibition includes photographs and models of buildings in Washington, DC, and provide information on the history and future of our built environment.

The museum is under the administration of the Smithsonian Institution and is located on the National Mall in Washington DC and is one of the most visited national history museums in the world. I, along with some of my friends planned a visit to the place in the early hours of the day so that we can have a chance of making the most out of this visit. The weather was pleasant with a few clouds here and there. When we arrived at the museum, the first look at it was enough to suggest that the next few hours are going to be some of the exciting, intriguing and memorable ones of our lives.

The museum offers a variety of educational programs and special events, including information sessions , interesting demonstrations and excellent family programs. One of the most wonderful aspects of Washington DC is having the complex in the world's largest museums. The Smithsonian Institution is a conglomeration of sixteen parks and buildings very different from one other. Eleven of these museums are in Washington city center, between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument, along a grassy field very large known as The Mall Five other museums and parks are located in several suburbs of DC, easily accessible by the train system Metro underground.

The National Building Museum, located in the former building of the Pension Office, which dates back to 1887 , is recognized as a marvel of architectural engineering . The Grand Palace is impressive with its Corinthian columns and four-storey atrium. At its peak , the Grand Palais is actually 15 stories high . Companies , corporations, private foundations and government agencies can rent the museum for the evenings. The museum has been the site of presidential sixteen balls and is the venue for the opening ceremony of the National Cherry Blossom Festival each spring ceremony.

The city of Washington, in the District of Colombia, is the city's U.S. important, especially because it's powers are concentrated and great institutions of this nation. It is also an area of great variety and contrast between the beauty of the central area with wide avenues with monuments situated between gardens, and the purest of lives American suburbs. The museum contains more than 25,000 pieces, of which about 2,500 are exposed. They range from the year 10,000. B.C to the present day, and come from across the continent, not only of Spanish America, but also settled in the present states of peoples Brazil , United States and Canada ...
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