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Assignment on Agricultural Studies

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HORTICULTURE Horticulture and Weed Science Horticulture and Weed Science Introduction Horticulture may be defined as the intensive cultivation of different plants for human use though the use of technology and science. This horticulture can be done privately for one's own use or it can also be done commercially as a form of business. Horticulture ...
Comparative Vegetable Crop Production in Open Farms and Cover Farms
RESEARCH PROPOSAL Research Project Proposal Research Background Topic The topic for the research is “comparative vegetable crop production in open farms and cover farms.” Reason for choice of topic The reason for the choice of this topic is that the agricultural industry in United Kingdom uses around sixty percent of the land and has ...
Agriculture Studies
AGRICULTURE STUDIES Agriculture Studies Agriculture Studies Introduction Today, technology has transformed the working processes in every industry. Technological advancements have not only changed the shape of the operations but also the tools and techniques to complete those operations. Technological advancements have made us able to analyze the quality of he crop throughout the ...
Review Of Unsustainable Agriculture
Review of unsustainable agriculture [Name of the Institute] Abstract This research paper is an effort to identify the concept of unsustainable land use practices. This paper discusses the unsustainable social, economic, and ecological aspects of unsustainable agricultural practices taking place across the globe. A critical analysis of these aspects is done in this ...
Land Management
Land Management Land Management Introduction MERI allows investments to understand and to enhance natural resource management (NRM) and biodiversity protection are having an effect, informative content about where speculations are made and what they are attaining is required. This qualified information can likewise be utilized to assist comprehend how we can enhance the ...
Article Summary
ARTICLE SUMMARY Article Summary Article Summary Introduction Biochar is a solid material extracted from biomass. They are very important solids because when they are added to the soils they reduce emissions from biomass and improve the functionality of the soil (Beesley, 2011, 3269). In this paper we are going to summarize an ...
Social Sciences
Social Sciences Social Sciences Abstract In this paper the explanation and brief discussion is made about the ancient life of human in deserts and woods. The peoples use to live in caves and trees and use to eat leafs, wild vegetables and fruits. Hunting was the profession of their males; they hunt the ...
Agricultural Studies
Agricultural Studies Agricultural Studies Along with the management of forests, animal production and crop agriculture, the humans are managing the ecosystem at both, the global and national level. With this, there are tremendous impacts of the agriculture on the ecosystems. These impacts fall under the general regions of ethical concerns. ...
Contract And Quality In The California Winegrape Industry
Contract and Quality in the California Winegrape Industry Contract and Quality in the California Winegrape Industry Introduction An apparent variation in the focus of organizations in agriculture sector of America has led to rise in industrialization. Necessarily, this variation is observed as a shift from homogenous system of commodity to single ...
Development Of An Ipm Program
DEVELOPMENT OF AN IPM PROGRAM Development of an IPM program ABSTRACT Insecticide treatments and agronomic variables were combined in 1985 and 1986 to study their effect on pest impact in cotton. The results from the chemical treatments are described in this report. Foliar insecticides were applied on a calendar basis (every ...
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