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Need personal statement


Having completed my International Baccalaureate in spring 2012 from Institute Le Rosey, Switzerland with a total of 32 points, I want to pursue further studies at you prestigious and renowned institution which has been providing quality education to all the students who belong to different countries. My opted course in International Baccalaureate were English A2 higher level, German A1 higher level, Geography higher level, French b standard level, Mathematics studies and Environmental Systems and Societies. My aim of joining [Name of the university] is to imbibe all the latest concepts of Business and Management which has been propounded in recent years, so that, I can successfully start my own online fashion merchandizing business with any hesitation and trepidation. The field of Business and Management has immense potential and worldwide scope, considering the mushroomed growth of business sector all over the world. Everyday new business companies are entering markets with unique products and services which has also increased the competition. The competition in business industry has reached to such an extent as Business companies are approaching Business institutes in designing their course curriculum in accordance with the latest requirements of business industry. Therefore, only those can survive who can understand the business markets and apply a unique business strategy. [Name of the University] will provide with exposure and art of conducting fashion business for my career and I am hopeful that I have the potential to outshine in that specific field. I can speak German and English fluently. However, I am also well versed with Spanish and Italian. This will give me an edge and I can start my business in any part of the world. I am also taking French classes to improve my French language both writing and conversation. I am determined and dedicated towards my goal of achieving academic excellence in Business and Management program at your prestigious Institute

I have chosen specifically Business and Management field for my further studies because I think this will help me set up my own business. I want to become an entrepreneur in future and I think [Name of the University] is the correct choice, given the worldwide prestige of the institution. I am very keen and enthusiastic about fashion industry and want to make career in this industry. I know [Name of the University] is a perfect choice for my becoming an entrepreneur. ...
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