DNS and XenApp Deployment

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DNS and XenApp Deployment

DNS and XenApp Deployment


As the world is rapidly advancing and new technologies are being in introduced ,the information technology initiatives organization are also designing more improved projects for desktop virtualization. Throughout my assignment i have discussed some of the IT methods that can be implemented to enhance the efficiency of an organization. These methods include DHCP,DNS server and Citrix Xen App. All these techniques are vital in keeping the business stay ahead of the competition and with maintain the pace of an organization to efficiently meet the increasing global demands.

Use of Dynamic Host Configuration protocol in a network environment

The Dynamic Host Configuration protocol is used to automatically allocate a TCP/IP network configuration from a central computer to separate workstations within a private network. The DHCP is adequate to facilitate for achieving an IP address automatically in the IP/TCP configuration within the private network. The server then assigns the IP/TCP parameters appreciably thus minimizing the work of network maintenance. To make a task simpler the product of InJoy provide an

Exceptionally easy to use DHCP server plug-in along with a supporting manual describing about all the basic DHCP parameters. The Injoy DHCP server plug-in can be installed easily without any flaws providing completely default values that just need a click to be activated. The most noteworthy elements that a DHCP protocols offers its customers are an Ip address, a default gateway IP address and a DNS server. On the whole the purpose of it is to diminish the time involved in planning, configuring and administrating a network. It is used to provide a secure and consistent IP/TCP network configuration and to do so DHCP make use of a client-server model. In addition to this the DHCP does not allow any address conflicts and prevents human errors in several TCP/IP LAN client configuration. All types of companies and internet survice providers use DHCP server each time they require maintenance of networks parameters and minimal configurations. The other applications of DHCP include notebooks, laptops and mobile device. They are considered as an ideal DHCP clients because they do not require any manual configuration when they are moved.( DHCP Server Configuration Guide 4.02007 p4-5)

Issues arising due to incorrect configuration of DHCP

The incorrect configuration of DHCP can significantly affect the network environment. The issues that arise due to incorrect configuration are:The client is not able to receive IP address and configuration parameters from the server when he starts up.It might happen that due to incorrect configuration that a client receives an IP address that is auto configured but is not appropriate for its existing network

DNS Server

The DNS server plays a role of a telephone directory of internet. It offers name look facility for the internet users. However the internet access speeds are highly dependent on an effective DNS system. As a result the bandwidth of internet connection is inappropriate if the speed of DNS is less. It functions in the same way as a normal telephone directory ...