New Innovations Of Health Care: Robotic Heart Catheter

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New Innovations of Health Care: Robotic Heart Catheter

New Innovations of Health Care: Robotic Heart Catheter


Rapidly growing and advancing Information Technology has brought a very remarkable and positive revolution in the health care and medical sector. The innovations in the field of robotics have made a very tremendous impact in the medical surgery procedures, specially the surgeries of delicate internal organs. One of these innovations is 'Robotic Heart Catheter'.


What is a Catheter?

A catheter is basically a very thin, flexible and disinfected tube that is inserted in the body organ to be operated. It is usually made up of rubber or plastic. It is widely used these days in several medical procedures, examinations and operations. A catheter is very useful particularly in cardiac and urinary disorders.

Robotic Heart Catheter

Robotic Heart Catheter is a medical device, more precisely a medical robot engineered to assist surgeons and physicians during the complex medical operations and surgery procedures, particularly the complex cardiac arrhythmia procedures and cardiac ablation.

Robotic Heart Catheter uses a Catheter tool that can be inserted into the body organ being operated. It encompasses the 3-D catheter movement control devices. Robotic Heart Catheter utilizes very smart and state of the art technology.

Robotic Heart Catheter allows surgeons to remotely guide a heart catheter with hand movements at a work station while having a 3-D visualization of the operation. The device could allow for more precise and fully controlled catheter movements inside the heart. Moreover, this robot fulfills all the international laws of robotics. It has been designed with technologically differentiated tool for the applications during cardiac procedures.

Functional Procedure of Robotic Heart Catheter

When the catheter is inserted into the heart, a specially designed machine imparts energy via the catheter to the tine areas of heart muscle that impacts in an abnormal heart rhythm. This energy blocks the pathway of ...
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