Nigerian Dance

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Nigerian Dance

Nigerian Dance

Nigerian Culture Development and Origin

The Nigerian culture consists of multi-ethnic population. The people of Nigeria still have their heart language, tradition, music, dance and literature. Nigeria consists of three large ethnic groups, which are Yoruba, Hausa-Fulani and Igbo. However, there are other ethnic groups existing in the country and supports the multiethnic atmosphere.

These cultures give a lot of value for different types of arts, which primarily include ivory carving, grass weaving, wood carving, leather and pumpkin, ceramics, painting, weaving cloth and works in glass and metal. There are more than 250 languages ??spoken in Nigeria. English is considered the official language, however, it should be noted that no more than 75% of the population are able to speak in English. Each tribe has its own language (dialect), which is preferable to use as a standard mode of communication (Collins, 1976).

Nigerian Culture Time Period

In Nigeria, the culture includes various types of clothing as there are different groups of people living in the country. This is common in their way of dressing that is the conservatory. The Nigerian culture gives a lot of importance in the care of the guests with the utmost care and warmth. The hospitality of the people is this tradition. That's why people should not say thank you when the food is offered. As far as the games are concerned the Nigerians like football the most. The Polo, cricket, swimming and wrestling are very popular among the wealthy classes. Nigerian culture is about 2000 years old and what distinguishes it is its diversity (Darnley, 1962).

IDEA behind Dance

In direct and clear terms, dance is the act and movement of body. Dance is utilized as a medium to present all the feelings of the figure. Customarily, dance was mostly used to showcase war, valor and sentiment. Anyway later, sexuality was considered as in the presence on the dance floor with presentation the sexual need of the human figure. Consistent with cutting edge dance experts, each dance is choreographed. Rapture in dance means, to hit the dance floor with stupor, inebriation and longing. In this way, dance cannot be differentiated from sexuality because in light of the fact that it acquires definitive euphoria choreography. Both use sexuality in their moving styles. The music of Nigeria incorporates numerous sorts of community music as well as conventional music, some of which are known worldwide. Styles of society music are identified with the numerous ethnic gatherings in the nation; each with their own systems instruments and tunes (Collins; 1976).

Nigerian Dance and Impact on Culture

Music is extremely critical for kid advancement. It encompassed him with an environment full of songs that serve to distinguish and express their emotions and feelings. What's more through it educators can arrive at all the more effectively and in a fun manner to her students. The music can get trapped and all around treatment to rouse them. That is the reason mothers get the band to hear sweet songs months before conceiving the child to ...