Nurse As A Professional

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Nurse as a professional

Nurse as a professional


History of Psychiatric Nursing as a field of skill covers a century. This area of expertise has ancestry to the Reform Movement of the psychological health in nineteenth century, which modernized and converted all mental asylums into hospital settings. Right through the development of this area, one expertise that has shaped the establishment of psychiatric nursing practice is the direct remedial relationship. As compare to entire nursing profession, psychiatric mental health nursing is constantly facing difficulty in hiring and educating nurses in this profession. Reasons, due to many barriers, created by existing circumstances in acute care units in psychiatric hospitals.


After the intense study on therapy and mental health nursing, it raised one major fact that in last five decades, both the theoretical as well as practical work on mental health nursing is deeply influenced by the newly developing psychotherapies. Furthermore counseling expertise has become a vital element of nursing studies in England Stickley (2002). It is clearly obvious that nurses do not feel that they are prepared to do monotonous job and that productive management would assist them in their direct interactive counseling work. Hildegard Peplau build up the academic base for the mental health nursing almost century ago. She clearly showed the importance and need of, observing patient's behavior by means of self through language as a therapeutic addition (Peplau, 1999/1968).

In 1952 on the creation of National League for Nursing she recommended that all institutes and schools of nursing have a fundamental theory and practice subjects in psychiatric nursing (Sills, 1998). Psychiatric and mental health nursing ideas are nearby in all practice sections of nursing since the progress of a direct relationship is influential in the formation of the patient's trust in the concerned. A lot of nurses entering the field of nursing particularly in the area of mental health nursing don't poses adequate knowledge and learning background in psychiatric nursing. That definitely generates the sense of low self esteem in their capabilities to form direct therapeutic interactions with patients. Other issues that leads towards the nurses nervousness with the therapeutic involvement is the increase in violent behavior and anger of patients, extra official formalities and requirements guiding to very lesser amount of time for direct patient interaction, additional to that irrelevant training by nursing schools in specialty expertise required for mental health care nurses. This is making an adversity in psychiatric nursing and mental health care in the United Kingdom and other countries such as United States, New Zealand and Australia, reason the deficiency in adequate education of nurses to provide care to a progressively more complex and critically sick patient population. Hildegard Peplau's visualization for nursing provided the essential groundwork for this job and recognized psychiatric mental health nursing as a different branch and area of expertise with its own principles and span of practice (Sills, 1998). Peplau obviously recognized the therapeutic relationship and its use for the underlying necessary skills necessary for psychiatric ...
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