Nurse Preceptorship

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Nurse Preceptorship

Nurse Perceptorship


In nursing, mentorship and perceptorship are significantly valuable. The mentors and preceptors deliver such lessons which are helpful and provide lifelong lessons to the new young nurses coming into this profession or new graduates that ultimately ensure the worth of knowledge and information for this profession. Such lessons deliver power for the nursing profession to stay strong for the entire life [1]. The conduction of programs such as mentorship and preceptorship also illustrates the commitment of an organization to nursing that delivers alleviated job satisfaction. This paper will be focusing on the concept of perceptorship and the perceptorship in nursing management.


The education in nursing profession is quite important and dense. The new young nurses and graduated nurses acquire the path of this Perceptorship, which is often fraught with difficulties and sometimes some find it difficult to get to the end of their learning. The complexity in studies often required some work to meet their needs, despite their efforts or because of the lack of work, many of them are forced into failure or are reduced to obtaining notes they consider unsatisfactory.  Perceptorship or mentoring is a human experience, which is shared between mentor and young nurse, more advanced in training, more assertive in his knowledge of concepts or skills and school discipline a student who either wants to achieve a higher level of performance or experiencing learning difficulties. This contact takes place within one temporary relationship of support leads the perceptor to succeed without help it could not do before with excellence, without the help of the mentor. It is an exchange of knowledge and skills and occasion it happens that the student tutored in turn can become a mentor. Most of the medical institutes are distinguished by the quality of training that they offer and the emphasis on recruitment, integration and the loyalty of their workforce. Clinical support offered to new nurses represents an important means to achieve better understanding of such concepts, which later on help them in taking care of the patients[2].

In addition, the complexity of health problems, changes in technology, distribution context care and the shortage of nursing staff, make the task more demanding especially view of clinical judgment, knowledge, know-how and skills. Mentoring or preceptorship is the articulation of the act of teaching and learning that it assumes the transmission of knowledge by the mentor and the appropriation of knowledge by mentee. It stems from a process of assistance and collaboration between students more when it comes to nursing, to simplify the writing; the term mentor is used as the feminine Antidote and accepted by it, without discrimination. The teaching strategy of mentoring and preceptorship can also be achieved remotely through telephone or the Internet. In this case, the project must be structured for the sole purpose of creating constructive dialogue on topics defined between a student more efficient and another difficulty. But the form of the most proven mentoring student and the most common is that which is conducted in the presence of people in ...
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