Nursing Practice

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Nursing Practice

Nursing Practice


Nursing has made considerable steps in the health care profession. The steps are vital for success in the future of health care industry. These steps are taken just because of the changes which occurred due the advancement and the emergence in the trend of the medical field. These changes are the results of compilation, depth investigation and most importantly application of scientific theories. The theories of nursing have widely contributed in the advancement in the nursing field and encourage the practitioners to get a better education and practice in an orderly manner. Innovation theory and system theory are the example of such concepts that have emerged to the health care delivery and advance nursing practice. In this essay, we would be examining the system theory, diffusion of innovation theory, also the practices of nursing in the present era (Blakeney, Carleton, & Coakley, 2009).


System Theory in Healthcare Delivery

In system theory the researchers has drawn the attention for serving best in the health care delivery. They recognized the importance of technology in the field health care delivery. They did not only recognize the importance of technology, but also the ways by which we can implement in practical work in more professional and efficient manner. On the other hand, there were chances of errors and flaws if scholars adopted the narrow approach. Hence, this theory guides the great approach of technology. It makes the health care delivery in a manner which comprises the security, patient management, data mining, simulation, distance learning, imagery, internet programming, remote medical diagnosis, telemedicine, and mobile health care (Drack, Apfalter, & Pouvreau, 2007).

Diffusion Theory and Healthcare Delivery

This theory is mainly focused on the changes and adaptation of innovation. There are five elements are necessary for stipulation, these five are help to change in an efficient manner such as observe-ability, relative advantage, trial ability, compatibility, and complexity. On the other hand theorist also recognized the role of technology in health care delivery. We can understand with the help of this example as telehealth, it serves for the access of healthcare and reducing the cost at all. Although, there are certain barriers and flaws are present in the health care delivery, because of conservative and traditional views of masses or institutions. The main strong point of this theory is to adopt the change by adopting the innovation. Innovation is based on the betterment of the masses and will bring the great changes in the healthcare system (Leeman, Jackson, & Sandelowski, 2006).

System Theory and Nursing Practices

System theory is greatly influenced on the existing nursing practicing because it is considering the origin or the wholeness of principles of nursing. The key idea of this practice is to focus on the wholeness instead of considering the sum or part of it. The concept of problem solving is based on the wholeness. For example we can consider the patient who is suffering from anxiety; the wholeness is to determine the influence of patients such as considering the family of that patient so the root ...
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