Nursing Program Faculty

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Nursing Program Faculty

Nursing Program Faculty

Job Description of Psychiatric nurses

Psychiatric nurses are responsible for taking care of patients' mentality, treatment; safety and recovery of illness, mental and physical maintenance of threatening life of violent patients in various conditions. Psychiatric nurses lend a hand in mental health treatment of patients. The responsibility of a psychiatric nurse is to amalgamate art of human behavior with the framework of science and medicine and present this in nursing practice. A psychiatric nurse coordinates with other medical staff and interdisciplinary health treatment teams for the mental and emotional well being of a patient. They are not only engaged in clinical duties but also may engage in non clinical duties and some research work. Explorative study scores exposes that the responsibilities and functions are performed by a psychiatric nurse in a health care setting. There are certain tasks derived from the work environment that are performed by a psychiatric nurse which are described in the text of literature (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2003).

Position Requirements

Education and Training Requirements

The position that requires in medical college for nursing field is Master of Science in nursing (MSN), however, masters in psychiatric nursing will be preferred.

Candidate should have at least three years of clinical experience; however, the previous experience as an educator of nurse is preferred.

Candidates must have the license of nurse in our community or should have ability to be licensed.

The preference will be given to those candidates who have good experience in developing curriculum, demonstrated ability to evaluate performance of students, experience with test writing items, and experience with technology instructions. Validity of teaching experience will be asked for further selection.

Competency and Skills Requirements

Able to communicate the information effectively;

Reading comprehension should be excellent;

Should have the ability to with more violent patients and ability to calm them;

Reasoning should be logistic that use in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of alternative solution and to approaches problems; Computer literacy;

Should have the confidence to communicate whether there is something wrong or might go wrong.

Basic Position Responsibilities

A medical community college is a dynamic, an institution of open-access that renders affordable educational experiences, high quality, that encourages development of workforce, lifelong learning and cultural and social enrichment. The college promotes the fundamental values to its community and to its students with high learning, excellence, integrity, diversity, collaboration, services and communication. The faculty member is accountable and responsible for mental health teaching and psychiatric nursing. The candidate is also responsible to teach other foundations of nursing.

In addition, the member of faculty needs to be stayed in disciplines and rules that are following by Medical College. Member is expected to stay in teaching methodologies; implement changes in instructions that based on result assessment; including use of advanced technologies; maintain fairly distributed office hours; revise and develop curriculum; participate and contribute in a variety of committees of college and task forces; able and willingness to participate in community services activities; and counsel and advise students as per their needs plus when it is ...
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