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Breast Feeding in Neonatal Unit, Preterm Babies

Breast Feeding in Neonatal Unit, Preterm Babies


At the neonatal unit, we nurses provide expert care round the clock for newborns that are born premature or are ill. If a baby is in a hospital's neonatal unit, one should be, assured they are not alone, as our nursing staff is on the lookout at all times. According to statistics, every one in nine babies born spends time in the neonatal unit. According to the needs of the baby, they will be, adjusted in the neonatal units available according to different levels of care (Davis, 2001).

Breast-feeding is the common means of providing newly born babies with the needed nutrients; the nutrients that help them in their healthy development and growth. Almost all mothers can feed their babies from their breast, provided they have the proper information, and the support from their family. Colostrum is the sticky and yellowish breast milk that is produced in the end days of pregnancy. This Colostrum is recommended as the best food for the newborn babies. It is also recommended that feeding should be started just after the birth of a baby.

The breast milk has significant health benefits for preterm and premature babies. A newborn baby can easily digest the breast milk; particularly the preterm babies can very easily digest the breast milk. The breast milk is beneficial for the immune system of a newborn baby, and this milk has got very special benefits for the preterm babies. Only a small amount of this milk can benefit a baby. The breast milk is beneficial for premature babies as well. For premature babies; the breast milk can help the vulnerable baby's tummy to fight and mature the infection. In addition to this, their stomachs can easily digest breast milk. The breast milk contains growth factors and hormones that help the baby in becoming stronger and to grow properly.

If the baby is prematurely born, this is even very much important that the mother support to breastfeed. Even if the mother and her baby is not well enough to feed the baby directly from the breast, then much of the time must be spend in order to boost the production of the breast milk and to promote the feeding from the breast. Every time the baby gets feed by the mother, he/she consumes the value, so many times the breast milk is called as the gold in the form of liquid. Even if the baby is not prepared for the feed, the mother needs to express her breast in order to increase the supply of the breast milk.

No matter how sick or preterm the baby is; the mother must be able to express her breast and give her baby some amount of the breast milk. When the baby is born, the first milk Colostrum is produced in the breasts of the mother. After the baby is born, it can be stressful time for the mother; however; she should start ...
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