Nutrition And Physical Activity

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Nutrition and Physical Activity


Proper Exercise and realistic nutritional plans go hand in hand when it comes to living healthy life-style. To design a good nutritional plan one should have certain health goals in mind. The health goals I have in my mind are:

To reduce weight

To reduce chances of cardiovascular diseases

To become more energetic and kick of laziness

To get rid of depression


To attain these goals I have made a practical diet and exercise plan. The document will discuss steps I will take to meet each goal.

To Reduce Weight

Bringing a change in lifestyle is my basic initiative towards losing weight. I will run in my backyard for at least 20 minutes every morning. I will join yoga class that will actually help me lose weight through proper guide lines, channeling an easy passage. Eating low calories, balanced diets will be my priority. I will include more fruits and vegetable and avoid all the junk food that I used to have before. I will further try to cut down on ice creams, cakes, burgers, fries and chocolates. Drinking loads of water will be another initiative. The following charts tell what I have to avoid eating and what I actually have to eat:

Figure 1: Foods to Eat

Figure 2: Foods to Avoid

The biggest obstacle that I will have to face throughout this goal accomplishment process might be to overcome my cravings for chocolates and cakes. However being focused will keep me motivated towards this goal. After losing weight I will look smart and this factor will always keep me motivated. I will keep check on my weight and will record it on weekly bases. It is vital to keep a track of my weight through a weighing chart. Appropriate exercises and active life style should be encouraged. Simple interventions and alterations can help reduce obesity ...
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