'oedipus Rex By Sophocles'

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'Oedipus Rex by Sophocles'


Sophocles was one of the best Ancient Greek dramatists, who formed the structure of the theatre. This play first performed in the year 429 BC. (Knox, 1998), was one of the three Theban plays was of Sophocles', and comes in the first place in the internal arts, followed by Colonus and then Antigone. This play called one of the best Greek plays that have been produced up-to date. In the play, Oedipus was a man, who had a number of flaws and his flaws were the main reason for his downfall.

Greek tragedy, befell the fate of men; the feelings of horror and pity that tragedy inspires outweighed by the sense of the fatal. Almost all the classical writers of tragedies claim the concepts of nobility, heroism, beauty and esteemed truths, and uplifting characteristics of the genre. Sophocles frames built its way its themes and characters simultaneously arouse pity and fear, this led Aristotle and other Greek critics to regard him as the greatest writer of tragedies. His Oedipus the King provides a synopsis of tragedy (Ahl, 2009).

Here, tragedy does not mean that the play ends with a tragedy, or it has an unhappy ending. It means that the hero, though having the potential of winning the situations, still could not win due to obstacles. Aristotelian has defined tragedy as the replication of an act that is serious also, as having scale, complete in it. It includes events arousing sympathy and terror, where with to achieve the catharsis of such emotions. In the context of the paper the 'Oedipus Rex' will be viewed from different perspectives in order to develop an effective and efficient understanding of the subject.



Aristotle in "Poetics” writes that the tragic genre is essentially based not only on the pathetic part, on two key elements of the narrative: the agnition and the peripeteia. The agnition consists in the sudden and unexpected recognition of the identity of a character, which determines a turning point in the story (Aristotle & Hammond, p.5).The adventure is the sudden reversal of events, a plot twist that turns the mind of one or more players. For Aristotle, Sophocles' Oedipus tragedy is the perfect model. It is indeed difficult to find a tragic hero Oedipus finally trapped in a network that tied himself in a relentless sleuthing that develops decisively, without suspecting that the success of its findings will destroy it, because - doom, punishment their guilt?. The murderer is none other than Oedipus himself. Of course everyone knows the issue and that is not a story of intrigue normal. The tension lies in the fact that the public knows the identity of the researcher searched while ignores it at first, until they left him no choice but to put a name, his own. The viewer wants to scream to Oedipus: "Do not go!" While watching in awe how the hero is heading toward his fate (Buchanan, 2010). Sophocles has provided the facts and the discovery process with admirable wisdom, capable of causing, ...
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