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Office solutions development


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Office solutions development


One of the factors that have always been key to every business is the process of making decisions based on adequate information management. Today, the differentiator between surviving firms and survivors, lies in the use of resources that technology offers, and how those resources are exploited by each of the organizations, all related to the handling of information provide clear, accurate and reliable information that is used for making timely and accurate decisions. Decision making is a critical activity within organizations, and that is why it largely depends on the success in a given time, the organization can achieve.

Companies and organizations currently focus much of their efforts on detecting improvement areas enabling them to optimize their performance, in order to keep the desired competitive level. One of the most important aspects that reflect refers to the use of information within the company, so that through efficient administration making accurate and timely decisions that lead to achieving the goals and objectives proposed possible.

This paper focus on the use of the Microsoft office tools in the field of the accountancy in the professional life. The paper has discussed the benefits of the Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in education and their scope in the accounting. The core function of these tools has been enlightened through this paper. The Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint assist an individual in his or her work, these tools increases efficiency and accuracy of the work. These tools make the work professional in its outlook and presentation.

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One of the factors that influence the process of the information management is performed adequately, is the use of technology tools that provide us with the necessary support to streamline such processes, and consequently, an increase in performance within the company, as well as reduced costs therein.

Within these technological tools are programs or software, as well as the necessary physical infrastructure to support the programs. Software refers to "electronic instructions that will tell the computer what to do. They can also say they are the programs used to direct the functions of a computer system or hardware.

Every software developed specific functions within a diverse range of applications, and certainly one of the most useful programs that represent within a company are called Systems Decision Support (DSS). The DSS tools can be defined as an integrated planning system and information processing that incorporates the ability to interrogate the information system of the company in a certain way, analyzing the information obtained and predicts, based on some specific models, the impact of future decisions before implementing them. Usually it is integrated software packages statistical calculations, database queries, modelling, mathematical programming, etc. that can share the same data and information both internal and external sources.

Thus, decision making becomes a critical variable in successful companies, and here lies the importance of a DSS. Today information systems play a critical to the success of the ...
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