'organisations As Complex Systems'

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'ORGANISATIONS AS COMPLEX SYSTEMS' 'Organisations as Complex Systems'

'Organisations as Complex Systems'


Organizations allow the person to explore their true potentials as they are assigned to teams and work in groups. This gives them a platform to showcase their potential and highlight their significant contribution to the system. Effective team work results from commitment, unity and interdependency. Trust is also a major factor, as it gives a stronger concept of unity and faith between the team members (Beyerlein, 2001,, 40).

Moreover, many theories have explained the team work system as to be an essential one as it gives confidence to the team members and therefore, they perform better and complete tasks on the dead line. Team development theories such as Tuchman's group development theory recognize that teams are build through stages and therefore, excel in the given work. These stages allow the team members to bond with each other which further gives them the confidence to work together. One well known example is John Adair's action centered leadership which emphasizes a leader placing a focus on the task, team and the individual, the balance of which will vary from situation to situation. However, in the STAR team model it has been highlighted that the leader's role is to align the individual strengths with teamwork and meaningful results. The STAR team model incorporates the idea that a leader needs to behave differently given the different stages of team development. The focus of attention of the leader will vary at different stages of the team's development. For example during the formation of the team it is important to ensure that team members are clear about why they are in the team, and what they are expected to achieve: so the primary focus in this stage will be on results, whilst recognizing that aspects of teamwork and strengths will still need attention. During other stages the focus will switch to teamwork and to strengths accordingly (Beyerlein, 2001, p. 40).


The project consisted of a six thousand report and the chosen company by the group was Imperial Tobacco, one of the largest companies in the United Kingdom. The group came together half way through the project as various members of the class were still looking to join a suitable group. It was difficult as responsibilities of work made me miss two Saturday sessions where the groups had been formed and presentations were being concluded. On the third month, I received an e-mail form Kevin Davis asking to join the group I agreed and met the group on the third Saturday class. Nervous of the previous group experience where the member did not understand that I was self employed and had a lot of responsibilities but somehow Kevin knew and understood straight away he told me about the company and where my position would be. Every member in the group produced ample information towards the company. At the first group, meeting Kevin and zigwano introduced Sam and I to the group contract that instructed rules of how to act ...
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