Osha Compliance Program (First Aid)

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OSHA Compliance Program (First Aid)

Table of Contents

Rights and Responsibilities of OSHA3

First Aid4

Elements of First Aid Program4

Steps followed in First Aid Process5

Conditions that often require first aid5

Compliance to First Aid process5

First Aid Kit6

Precautionary Steps to be followed7

Therapeutic Procedure followed during First Aid8

Building compliance with the Health issues9


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance Program

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created on the basis of the Act passed in 1970 that was the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which is formerly known as OSH Act. It was established to get the employees to get their well being rights and prevent them from being seriously harmed or killed (die) at work. The law created the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) which creates health and workplace safety standards and enforces and sets the safety standards in United States of America. It also provides training, information and assistance to workers and employees. It is employers responsibility that to provide its employees with best safety and safe workplace under the OSH Act.

Rights and Responsibilities of OSHA

There are certain rights and responsibilities which are liable on employers for their employees to get proper safety and they can have a safe workplace, in order to keep the workplace safe for the workers or employees some responsibilities are to be followed by the employers. These rights and responsibilities are discussed over here, the employers must follow all relevant OSHA health and safety standards and they must correct and find health and safety hazards, the employers must inform the people on the workplace about the chemical hazards through alarms, training, labels, color coding system, chemical information manuals etc in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. When three or more people from the workplace are hospitalized or within 8 hours a fatality occurs within a company, then OSHA must be notified. The employers must be providing their employees with the personal protective equipment free of cost as it is employer's responsibility to keep its workers safe and a particular record and work related injuries and illnesses must be kept in record.

There are certain rights of employees to expect from its employer, like, condition that have a risk for the employee and which can cause serious harm. The employee must expect to get training and information on chemical and other hazards which prevent harm. Employees must use their rights of law without discrimination or retaliation. If an employee is demoted, transferred, fired or discriminated under right of law, then he can notify OSHA.

First Aid

In OSHA, the first Aid is provided for emergency care for sudden illness or injury before anyone can reach or the medical treatment team could be available to the victim or the medical team is unavailable, then First Aid provides basic needs of the survivor. The provider is the one who has proper training and knows how to treat the victims under certain frequent attention needed problem and can provide initial medical emergency procedures, it is applicable using a limited equipment amount so that the prime ...
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