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Paper- 1

Climatic Change


Climatic change mainly refers to the significant and necessary in the weather patterns as well as the circumstances that takes place in several thousand years. It is eminent to mention here that, on one hand, climatic change refers to the changes in average weather conditions, and at the same time, it also seeks to include the distribution of weather, prevailing in the average conditions and in any particular area.


Means to Measure, Monitor and Manage Climatic Change

In order to make sure that businesses are not being affected by the climatic changes, different companies need to take significant measures to make sure that the same is measures, monitored as well as managed in the utmost possible manner. It is crucial to note that among the different forms of climatic changes, global warming is playing the most vital and significant part, and thus the same has to be properly addressed in order to make sure that the issue is resolved in the ideal possible manner (Rockström, 2009). The different companies keep a track of the various reports and results indicating the level of different elements in the air, thus measuring the level of compatibility of their product with this proportion, and making necessary measures to make sure that the product is altered accordingly.

Impact created and Received by the Organizations and Movement Towards Sustainable Future

Apart from the reports, a number of companies make sure that the components of the air, combined with other climatic conditions, like the warming and the level of moisture in the air, is also measured at regular intervals, thus making changes in the composition of the goods produced by them accordingly (Lockwood, 2013). The climatic conditions are thus closely monitored, in order to make sure that the goods produced by the organization is capable of sustaining the changes, and at the same time, it is also altered at regular intervals to make sure that the products, as well as the climatic change, is managed in the utmost possible manner.

Strength and Weaknesses of the Efforts

Although the efforts made by the companies are sustainable as well as sufficient in most of the cases, there are still particular strengths and weaknesses associated to the same. The primary weakness of the efforts include the fact that they cannot be repeated frequently as the process is complex as well as complicated and takes significant time to be completed. So, the method fails to measure that changes emerging on short intervals and can only follow the alterations emerging on long term basis (Lake, Hooper et al, 2012).

At the same time, the strength of the evaluation methods mainly include the clause that these are crucial in determining the level of climatic change taking place in the overall situation, thus assisting the companies and organizations in altering the composition of their product accordingly (Funtowiczi and Ravetz, 2003). It is eminent to mention here that, on one hand, the concerned persons are provide with the opportunities and changes to bring changes and alterations in the product, ...
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