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The availability of fresh water has positively impacts many areas which left an optimistic affect in the environment. The availability of fresh water in areas will enhance the positive aspects of a country. The government of a country has liability to provide fresh water to their nation. The sustainability is the type of capacity that helps to endure. In ecology point of view it help to describes about the biological approach remain assorted and prolific over time.


Company Evaluation

Companies can measure, the availability of fresh water by taking strong actions. The advancements in the technology has not only increased the pace of the life but has also resulted in impacting the availability of the fresh water.

Expansion of business activity

As the world economy has increased, the level of business activities has also gained pace. Because of the globalization, businesses are not limited to a single place. This increased amount of business activities has resulted in the wasting of water for their operations.

Depletion of aquifers

The increasing demand for fresh water has raised the competition between the firms and organizations. Everybody is trying to capture the area where availability of water is justified. Large amounts of pumps are being placed to get the water out.


The wastage in the industrial zone has not only polluted the water but also affecting the nature. Polluted water is not only causing the health problems but is also responsible for the ecological damage (Rodrigo and Avila et al., 2003, pp. 195-205).

Companies can adopt all these strong efforts and approaches for enhancing the sustainability of future. These steps also augmented their working strategy that based on the purification of water.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Current Efforts

When one talks about the efforts that are being made to make sure that is enough available of the fresh water, it can be seen that some of these efforts have do been successful. For instance, the activities that are carried out at the international level have certainly helped when it comes to citizen having access to the reservoirs of the fresh water. The EU water policy has been the biggest success thus far when it comes about the in depth assessment of the availability of the fresh water reservoirs. This is one of the factors that have contributed towards the success of the efforts that are being carried out to make sure that there is enough availability of the fresh water.

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