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This assignment focuses on applying research on fresh water availability to a specific company or industry. The availability of the fresh water is of key concern, the reason being that it is used for the industrial, domestic and agricultural use. Major part of the fresh water is available in the form of glaciers which is again very difficult to use. Other than this there are many other concerns regarding the availability of the fresh water. The problems related to the fresh water like augmentation, sewage, storm water, water waste and many other problems causing health problems etc. Because of the limited availability of the fresh water resources, it is very important to protect the resources so that the fresh water need can be satisfied (Singh, 2002).

Globally, the efficiency of water has described under its usage history that evaluate from morning to night with a different purpose of work. The earth is up of around 70% of water, in which only 3% of the water is fresh water, which can be used for drinking function. People around the world is polluting and wasting the fresh water without wasting understanding the essential need of it.

The average natural water availability per capita in a year is crucial for assessing the status of water resources in a watershed indicator. It is considered that there is an extreme shortage when is less than thousand cubic meters per person per year, a value that drastically limits the development possibilities. The availability presents a critical shortage if its value is between 700 thousand and thousand cubic meters per person per year, a situation in which you need to take urgent measures to preserve the resource (Carrey, 2011).

Fresh Water Availability Problem for Food and Beverage Company

The advancements in the technology has not only increased the pace of the life but has also resulted in impacting the availability of the fresh water. The increasing demand for fresh water has raised the competition between the food and beverage firms and organizations. Every body is trying to capture the area where availability of water is justified. Large amounts of pumps are being placed to get the water out. An increasing number of large multinational companies reflected in the international treaties their investment strategies through the guidelines basic of deregulation, privatization or concession and free trade, looking unlock the protection in the search their national targets, reflect some national legislation (Koehler, 2008).

Agriculture is the first consumer of water sweet due mainly to the expansion of irrigation. The total amount of water on Earth is about 1,400 million cubic kilometers. However, the amount of fresh water on Earth is approximately 36 million cubic kilometers, this is a low 2.6% total. Of this, only 11 million cubic kilometers, ie 0.77%, account as part of the water cycle in the circulating form relatively quick. However, fresh water is renewable only with the fall of rain. The Humans can have 34,000 cubic kilometers of rain annual runoff are returning to the oceans by ...
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