Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

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The Patient Protection and Affordable care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable care Act

The Congress enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The act requires all Americans to pursue or maintains the minimum level of healthcare insurance or pays a tax penalty. However, anti-reform advocates new health care law. The opponents think that this bill violates the most important principle of American government. In this case against the health care reform, the petitioner questioned the supreme court whether or not the congress has the power under Article 1 of the Constitution to enact the minimum coverage provision; whether the suit brought by respondents to challenge the minimum converge the provision of the affordable care act is barred by the anti-injunction act. There are two perspectives presenting different opinions of the health care form. The liberals generally believe the only way to fix the system is for the government to operate it. While, the conservative perspective believes in personal responsibility and limits government control and development of free market.

The constitution grants the Congress the authority to regulate the interstate commerce, to tax and finance the general federal welfare of United States. The Constitution also makes it clear that the federal law should be the supreme law of the land. So, the Congress enacted patient protection and affordable act that is Constitutional authority to regulate the commerce.

First of all, the Liberal perspective believes everyone have the right to achieve the equal opportunity and equality of health care. The government is the only means to operate it, and it is the duty of government to protect people rights, because there are millions of people cannot afford care and are deprived the basic rights. The liberals believe the government should give everyone the equal health care benefits for all people, regardless if they can afford it.

The liberals believe that the health care is also a basic human need. It is a fact that all people pursuit health insurance make the health insurance market prosperous. However, the health care insurance cannot to be just regarded commodity. Because it is a necessity for everyone, especially for those poor people who cannot afford normal health care fees. Here is the example. A black man die disproportionately from heart disease largely due to lack of doctors or the medicine. So, they just take cholesterol drugs which will have a monumental effect on a man's cardiovascular profile. Sometimes, healthcare access to some communities is less than other communities. It may be because of the economic problems, it also due to the cultural barriers. Millions of people die from prostate cancer at a high rate because of lack of healthcare, largely due to a lack of health insurance (McCarty, 2011).

The health care system provides tremendous care. It is true that America has the greatest health care system in the world. It is because the great health care just provided those people who have money and ...
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