People Are Too Dependent On Computers

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People Are Too Dependent On Computers

People Are Too Dependent On Computers


The innovation of computer has been efficient and effective. This technology offers different resources from marketing websites, software, social networking, educational websites, data bases etc. These resources a play a vital role in today's life, it provides better means of communication all around the world. It improves the creativity and reliability of information. Computers are considered as an easy and fastest mean of research and it is more feasible to research online rather than to visit libraries. The computer technology is an outstanding way to aid students so that they can improve their skills and may increase their productivity. With the advancement of computer technology its requirement is increasing day by day. It has many advantages which includes sharing personal views worldwide, can store enormous amount of data, can process it rapidly and accurately, filling cultural gaps and much more (Greiffenstern, 2010).


Since the invention of computer technology, people have become more dependent on computers. This technology has itself made its place in every aspect of our lives in order to make our tasks easier. Computers permit us to work more conveniently and help to increase our social circles all around the world. It also provides relief after having a lot of work load and study stress. It is the easy way of having fun instantly, as it provides a lot of means of relaxation. They are considered as the essential part of today's life because it can easily perform difficult tasks easily and reliably. Along with all the advantages computers may have negative impacts on one's social and financial life. As the people increasingly rely on this technology in order to perform their daily tasks, the question arises in every one's mind that: have we become too dependent on computer technology? Here we are doing a survey in order to find out our dependency on computer technology and impacts of computer technology on this generation, people and the on whole society (Greiffenstern, 2010).


With this survey it has been observed that computer technology has greater impacts on people's life. It makes life easier and gives the all the opportunities, possibilities, information and power right on the finger tips. It offers different ways to automate, simplify, connect and have any information one could need. This is the fact that it makes tasks faster, easier and more efficient, but it destroys the ability of a person to memorize things (Robert, 2005).

The survey, regarding the computer usage, was done and it shows the usage of computers now a days. In this survey it was considered that most of the people have their own computers at their homes. Most of the school going children has their portable computers as well as their laptops. They usually use it for their home assignments as well as they use it for relaxation after the home work. According to their parent's point of view, computer usage enhances the skills of their children, that is why they brought computers at ...
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