Performance Dashboard

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Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard


Performance dashboard is a computer software use to analyze the performance of an organization. It is necessary for a person running an organization to must know the loop holes of the working structure. Performance dashboards software represents the performance of an individual or a section in terms of graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, and point indicators etc. The performance representation software takes data related to the organization as an input and generates the output in terms of visual representation (See appendix 2).

A successful business organization depends on enlightened decision making. Large scale organization use visual representation to indicate the performance. A performance dashboard is a swift, easy, and to the point representation that derives your business. Mostly dash boarding software uses simple visual ques, such as bar signs, charts, traffic signs, and graphs, to highlight the key performance indicators (KPI) of your organization. There are a number of performance indication software available on the internet which helps the organization to minimizing their errors and increases their productivity.


The manager of an organization is responsible for the performance of the organization, and it is the duty of higher authorities to check the performance of the organization periodically. The selection of performance indication or performance dashboard software depends upon the nature of an organization. The IT department of an organization selects the performance dashboard software according to the features offer by the software.

Performance dashboard software normally tracks key performance indicators through the collection of forecasting, mathematical and financial formulas. To provide power to these complex formulas, a comprehensive performance dashboard is link with a variety of different data technologies like Google Analytics, Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle. The dashboards of an organization linked with extremely distributed networks to provide real time analysis of data.

The dashboards are linked with ...
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