Personal Development Portfolio

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Personal Development Portfolio

Personal Development Portfolio

Section 1: Personal Profile

Skills sets

Communication is a critical skill that will help me bring my ideas from the drawing board to the board room. It will facilitate my personal learning and development by allowing me to improve my reception and integration of new concepts and ideas into my frame of reference. I will ensure the continuous development of my communication skills by taking advantage of opportunities that challenge my present communication skills. I will participate actively in meetings, discussions and brain storming sessions in order to ensure that my communication skills always remain sharp. I have observed that individuals who develop their own particular style of communication are not only appreciated for that style, but also manage to generate and sustain audience attention better than those who choose to follow standard communication styles. Innovation appears to be the name of the game and I will experiment with my communication style until I find the one that suits my approach and perspectives the most adequately.

I find satisfaction in working with teams and I have always jumped upon the opportunity of working in teams; may they be traditional or virtual. I find that two heads are better than one; particularly if there is an able head in the room to lead the others. I consider the role and relevance of team work to be a testament to the importance of adequate leadership. A team cannot possibly function well unless the vision for the team has been set out clearly. This requires the presence of a competent leader; and it is because of this reason that I have never hesitated from a chance to work as part of a team or as a leader of a team. My proactive and energetic communication skills will allow me to ensure that my team is always on the same page with me and that the team culture promotes the development, generation and implementation of ideas that are based on the fundamental objectives behind the formation of the team.

 I have always given time management my unwavering attention. This is a practice that synergizes all other attempts to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. In my experience, no strategy or strategists can ever be successful unless adequate time management is part of the equation. I believe that the developments that have taken place in business management practices amount to nothing unless they are integrated with adequate time management. My time management skills will allow me to stand apart from the point of induction into the organization, to the implementation of projects during my time in the organization.

The development and utilization of ICT skills has always remained a top personal priority for me. I have observed that developments in ICT tend to revolutionize traditional approaches. As a result, I have always taken a personal and pro-active interest in the implementation possibilities of ICT. I will continue to exercise my current approach to ICT and ensure that I remain connected to innovations in information and ...
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