Personal Evangelism

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Personal Evangelism

Personal Evangelism


It is estimated that over 95 percent of church members have never led anyone to the Lord.


The greatest soul winning force today is not in the pulpit. It is in the Pew.


Persecution of Early Churches

During the beginning three centuries in the history of the world, the Churches of the Christians remained under persecution y the hands of the Roman Empire. These persecutions of the Churches sparked the cult among the Christians, which resulted in many apologists and martyrs. As a result of this persecution of the Churches the number of saints and the believers of gospel increase extensively, which enabled the Christians to defend their lands from complete destruction. At the time of this persecutions there were only two things in the mind of the Christians, first was to achieve the rank of martyrdom for themselves second was the apologists writing.


4 things a spiritual parent should do

Reproducing the disciplines

Spiritual parents should always have the intent to build strong relationships. It will increase the number of believers in gospel, and growth means greater responsibility which has to be fulfilled.

Feeding themselves with knowledge

It is essential for a spiritual parent to have in depth knowledge of the bible, and a spiritual parent should follow the teachings of the bible. By practicing this it helps them to keep the teachings of bible in their heart and mind, and convey it to others

Valuing the team of the church

It is the job of the spiritual parent to fulfill the mission of the church, they know their role. They work along with others for further development of the Christ.


There is a rat amount of accountability lying on the shoulders of a spiritual parent as there are families looking towards them for providing with the teachings of gospel; it is their job to ...
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