Personal Narrative Essay - Work Experience

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Personal Narrative Essay

Personal Narrative Essay


The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my work experience. This study may greatly help the reader in understanding the work operations as well as the environment of different organizations. In addition to this, it may also enable the reader to understand the role of different organizations in enhancing and improving my interpersonal skills and capabilities. In other words, this study may play a vital role in providing my professional reflection to the reader.


It is a fact that, there are various milestones or standards that our society utilizes, in order to measure the success and development of a person. One of these milestones may include the career and professional life of any individual. It is because of the reason that, integrity and success of one's life depends on his or her successful professional life. In this regard, I feel myself as the most successful and victorious person as I have enjoyed a flourishing professional life and still I am working with highly reputable organization. I have a vast experience of working as a volunteer, in different social and healthcare organizations. All those organizations played a vital role in enhancing and improving my skills and capabilities and greatly enhanced by experience.

Currently I am working as a volunteer in NY cares. I have working here since twelve years. NY cares is one of the well known and famous organizations of New York City. This organization was established in the year 1987. NY cares is the result of hard work of a group of friends who were interested in minimizing and solving the social issues in the city of New York. This organization is considered as New York's largest local volunteer organization which incorporates approximately fifty six volunteers. This organization is constantly putting its efforts in ...
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