Personal Reflection/Development

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Personal Reflection and Development

Personal Reflection and Development


The paper is based on personal reflection and development. Personal reflection and development deals with reflecting on personal activities, related to different aspects of life, such as work life, personal life, etc. Moreover, through this reflection an individual is able to analyze the current situation of his life, in terms of his personal development in work life, skills development, as well as in his personal life. This paper focuses on putting reflection on my work life, which will thus help me in being able to analyze the development of my skills and work life.


Work Priorities

In order to schedule the workgroup activities, following plan has been implemented:

It has clearly established its mission and objectives.

Works creatively.

Is results driven.

It has the functions and responsibilities of its members clearly defined.

It is well organized.

It is built on individual strengths.

Shares leadership.

Develop climate / team environment.

Resolves conflicts and disagreements.

Communicates in an open.

Objective decision making and consensus.

SELF-ASSES efficiency.

Has the functions and responsibilities of its members clearly defined

Each team member knows exactly what is expected of them and know the functions of his companions. A team constantly updates its duties and responsibilities to adapt to changes in the environment, and technology goals.

It is well organized

A team defines the procedures and policies from the outset. The structure allows the team to successfully perform the tasks that must handle.

Based on individual strengths

The team leaders have cataloged the knowledge and skills of its members. They are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each so that they can get the best of the individual possibilities of each.

Shares leadership

The teams share leadership among its members. They give everyone the chance to shine as leaders. They also accept the role of formal Delegates, and they support the team's efforts and respect the characteristics of its members.

Clearly have established their mission and objectives

A team needs clear objectives. Not enough to know what they should do at all times, but what it does, what is the team's overall mission. The shared objectives produce commitments.

Works creatively

Experimentation and creativity are vital signs of a team. A team takes calculated risks to try different ways of doing things. The members of the team should look for opportunities to implement new processes and techniques.

Results Oriented

The true test of a team is its ability to produce what is needed, when needed. budgets team members at all times comply with the deadlines and quality standards.

Group Develops Environment

A team has members who work together enthusiastically, with a high degree of involvement and commitment. Each member is that their productivity and increase personal motivation to be involved in a common activity.

Resolves conflicts and disagreements

In every team there are disagreements. Not necessarily bad or destructive. A computer is able to recognize the existence of a conflict and try to resolve them through discussions reinforced by mutual trust.

Communicate openly

The team members will speak directly and honestly. Each person asks for suggestions to others and fully considered in forming their ideas.

Objective decisions

Teams have structured approaches to solve problems and make ...
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