Personal Reflection/Closure

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Personal Reflection/Closure

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Personal Reflection/Closure

A: Reviewing the tips for using these cases

Cases may be considered as strong discussion catalysts. Efficient discussion may help people to think about the case differently, and also facilitates to think about the issue in detail. It facilitates in relating the case with various concerns such as instructional methods, evaluation, student requirements and several others.

Reading these cases, boosts up an ability in ourselves to analyze the case critically by creating several questions and thinking over them. Such questions may include: how teacher framed and solved the problems? What the teacher actually wanted to do? What were the strategies adopted. Analyzing such questions may facilitate people to frame problems, spot issues, understand situations from various outlooks, recognition of possible advantages and risks involved, and others.

B: Reflecting my assigned case

The major dilemma involved in cases involves the examination of the impact of high-risks evaluation on the emotional-social and learning requirements of children. It also involves the utilization of district and state benchmarks that may be not be productive for the learners of English language. Since, the cases have to cover maximum parts of the issue; therefore, it is not possible to fit all points under a single chapter and requires more than one section or chapter. Some of the cases are written from the “New Teacher Project” by teacher advisors. Moreover, the cases of these teachers may be utilized by other advisors as professional development tools.

C: Comparing/Contrasting with my own references

I: Core of the discussion


The major problem identified by the teacher regarding Alicia involves the identification of major factors that resulted in such poor understanding of Alicia, although she was very good and responsive during class (Phillips, 2002). According to teachers, it may be possible that Alicia was trying to investigate about “coordinates” in an indirect manner. Basically, ...